In the Shadow of Horse

In the Shadow of Horse
In the Shadow of Horse

Friday, September 11, 2015

Equine Behavior Q&A Reading horses

Question: Why does my mare always try to rub her head on me after every ride?

She is requesting that you properly clean and fit her headstall and mouthpiece so it does not cause so much irritation and untoward pressure during the ride. I hope you do not tie her mouth shut with a noseband while she is ridden. Horsemanship is a better alternative. As well, she is reminding you that she requires a full facial and head and neck massage before and after each ride, and apparently you have been failing to fulfill her need for that requirement of hers. A good rub before and after each ride is a fine way to bond with your horse to ensure a safe pleasant ride. It also allows you to detect and problems of inflammation early in its course. The head, back, neck, and legs should all be rubbed before and after each ride to enhance circulation and detect any developing issues before they become lameness issues.
Listen to her.
Sid Gustafson DVM
Equine Behavior Educator
(406) 995-2266

Dr Gustafson is a practicing veterinarian, equine behavior educator, and novelist. The application of behavior science enhances optimum health, performance, soundness, contentment, and longevity in animal athletes. Behavioral and nutritional strategies enrich the lives of stabled horses. Training and husbandry from the horse's perspective result in content, cooperative horses who are willing to learn and perform.

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