In the Shadow of Horse

In the Shadow of Horse
In the Shadow of Horse

Monday, May 21, 2012

DrSid's interview with Dr Doolittle regarding socialization and willing partnerships with pets and horses.

Dr Sid Gustafson is a wealth of knowledge about horses, dogs and cats!  Proper socialization, life enrichment and fulfillment for your animals helps them be happy, willing and eager to learn.
Dr Gustafson is a practicing veterinarian and university educator, as well as an animal welfare advocate. He teaches Equine Behavior at the University of Guelph, for the EquineGuelph Open Learning program, an online education program that reaches out to horse folk worldwide.
He has taught domestication science, equine behavior, and the evolution and domestication of the wolf at Montana State University, and the University of Montana Western, where he was the Equine Studies Program Coordinator.
Dr Sid also writes for the New York Times regarding the health and welfare of racehorses. He represents the health and welfare of racehorses for the California Horse Racing Board as an Official Veterinarian at various meets in California. Dr Gustafson recently testified before the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission supporting the ban of race day medication to improve the health, welfare, and safety of racing thoroughbreds.
If you would like your horse, dog or cat to be delighted to be with you, to want to please you, and to be big hearted, willing and happy companions and partners, then listen in as Dr Sid shares his most important lessons, tips and insights.  Enjoy!
We discussed:
• What is required to get a horse or dog in the space to be a willing learner?
• Is there a secret to encouraging dogs, cats and horses to want to please us?
• How important is socialization to future behavioral health in dogs, horses, and cats?
• What are the 3 essential needs that caretakers must fulfill for their animals for them to be happy, healthy and balanced individuals?
• What are poison cues?
To contact Dr. Sid Gustafson for more information go to or you can like his Facebook page at . /406-581-4946 Cell / 406-995-2266  Office.

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