In the Shadow of Horse

In the Shadow of Horse
In the Shadow of Horse

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Appreciating Horses video

Dr Gustafson is an equine veterinarian, veterinary behaviorist, and novelist. He provides education and presentations regarding equine behavior and equine welfare. Dr Sid helps animal folks refine their horse and dog training methods to accommodate the inherent nature and behavior of horses and dogs. Applied veterinary behavior enhances optimum health, performance, soundness, contentment, and longevity in equine and canine athletes.
Follow DrSid to learn how to effectively implement natural approaches to development, training, nutrition, and conditioning to sustain equine health and enhance performance. Behavioral and nutritional enrichment strategies enhance the lives of stabled horses, and leads them to the winner's circle. Training and husbandry from the horse's perspective result in content, willing horses.
DrSid provides equine behavior consultations to help recreate the needs and preferences of horses in training and competition.

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Anonymous said...

Friends, forage and locomotion = a non-bored horse. Enjoyed this so much. Thanks.

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